Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well, my week was greatly simplified by two of the three clients I had scheduled for Tuesday rescheduling. Also, one of the intakes I had scheduled for Wednesday rescheduled and the other never showed up. The one client I did have on Tuesday ended up going really well. When I got done with our therapy session I wanted to give someone a high five I was so razzed. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm accomplishing something in therapy, so that's good.

It looks like the beach plans for the weekend will have to be nixed because I just don't have the money or time to head out solo. But, one of the guys from my internship turned me onto a sweet mountain bike trail not that far from my house, so I have a feeling I'll be spending a good chunk of Sunday and/or Monday biking my ass off. Also, at some point this weekend, I will hopefully go get a sofa bed from someone off of Craig's List, and Scott and I will sign up at LA Fitness so I can start to look more like Mr. Dick Delicious. Oh, and hopefully at some point in there I can get REAL drunk 'cus it's been too long.

On a seperate random note, on my way back from meeting with my Prof. in Athens on Monday, I broke down and finally invested my own money in Modest Mouse's "The Lonesome Crowded West." Goddamn, that album never gets old. Everyone should go out right now and buy it immediately. Even if you already own it. My next splurge CD: Phoenix's "United."

Also, to anyone not completely obsessed with English Premier League Soccer, I highly recommend you start before the rapture comes and leaves you behind. If you want to hop on the bandwagon, read both pages of this absolutely amazing column by Bill Simmons. Hell, even if you're not obsessed, read it. It's fucking hilarious and really well written, and almost guaranteed to make you want to watch the EPL. To anyone who IS obsessed with the EPL, GO MOTHERFUCKING ARSENAL! That is all.

(Thanks for the blog tip about breaking things up into paragraphs, Ev. I can see how that makes things easier to read.)

Monday, August 28, 2006

So it would appear that I have a three day weekend coming up this weekend thanks to Labor Day. And seeing as how my internship closes at 1PM on Friday, methinks perhaps a spur-of-the-moment solo vacation may be in order. Something in the way of laying on a beach all day reading a newly purchased Hunter S. Thompson novel as yet undecided. So, if anyone out there knows of any killer spots within driving distance that would be suited for someone on a very limited budget, please feel free to inform. Also, if any of those millionaire types that I so often find in my company should want to drop me the key to their beach house for the weekend, I promise I'm a clean drunk. In other news, I've managed to survive my first one-on-one therapy sessions with two of my clients. All I can say is, Lordy, I've got a lot to learn. Tomorrow, being the masochist that I am, I have scheduled all three clients in one hour intervals from each other. That way, I can make sure to get all of them confused when I have to update their files post-session. Then Wednesday, once again being the genius that I am, scheduled two intakes back to back for a total of FOUR HOURS of intakes. And to think, last week I was running out of things to do. Jesus how I love it though. It sure beats the shit out of working at the library (sorry Media, no offense, but that shit gets old after six years). I hope all's well, and remember, never stop shooting for the stars. After all, it made Mark David Chapman famous.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hello various peeps or peep who still read this blog. Thanks for hangin' in there. I'm still not quite into the whole blog mindset yet. The whole idea of blathering on about my life hoping that someone will read it always seemed kind of pointless to me because I always felt like there wasn't much going on of interest in my life. Then I realized, that's exactly what a blog is for. So, here goes my first vain attempt at blog vanity:
Today was my first day at my internship, Positive Impact. For those who don't know, Positive Impact (PI) is essentially a free counseling center for people who are HIV+ or have AIDS and make below 300% of the poverty level. Within the first hour, my supervisor had already assigned me three "difficult" clients with who I am supposed to contact, set up an appointment, begin seeing them in a therapy setting 50 mins. a week, and design a plan for confronting the issues they decide they want to work on. None of this was unexpected, mind you, I just wasn't expecting it to all happen so quickly. Everyone working at PI is great that I've met so far, and they are all ridiculously helpful. Also, there are plenty of interns running around to help me feel better, including my friend Tim. By the end of the day, I had about three or four pages of notes on what to remember during my therapy sessions, and what not to do but occasionally was okay to do but only under certain circumstances unless defined otherwise by certain laws or guidelines and taking into account their past medical history and whether or not they are currently using any drugs habitually and to make sure that their illness is not the reason they are depressed because if they have a low T cell count they may exhibit signs of depression and make sure to build a friendly rapport and most importantly, just be yourself... but not too much yourself because you might say something offensive or hurtful that might drive them over the edge or cause them to suicide and it wouldn't technically be your fault but you had better have some form of proof that you discussed suicide for when you could possibly be sued by the client's family and lose any hope of ever pursuing a social work career.
Other than that, I feel pretty confident about my impending sessions.
In other news, the new house is great. I love living in Atlanta believe it or not. Somehow having so much space is really exhilarating after having spent 7 years in Athens. I'm very pleased with my room finally. I painted it a light blue and put a nice light blue rug on the floor and bought nice light blue sheets. I like blue. And since my room is less than half the size of my previous room, it's inspiring me to keep it clean since I don't have any floor space to clutter with all my shit. We live about ten minutes south of Decatur in what some like to term an "up and coming neighborhood" whereas others like to call it "the motherfucking ghetto." I feel that we fall somewhere in between meaning that while we are the only white folks I've seen in any part of our neighborhood, the neighborhood seems to be mostly working class families and older people. The main road we're off of tends to be pretty sketchtastic, but c'est la vie, rent's cheap. Seeing as how my room's so small, and our house has a full basement with three rooms, I claimed the middle room right under my room, and designated it my jam space/recording studio. Now all I need is some recording equipment and a working electric guitar and I'll be all set. Anybody want to clue me in a cheap fourtrack and some speakers, let me know.
Wow, I guess this blog thing can be kind of therapeutic.
ANyway, I'll be up in Athens on Friday for the big birthday/housewarming party and Push!/Low Lows show, so if anyone asks me how Atlanta is I'll just flash them a "talk to the hand" hand and tell them to read my blog.
Oh, and everyone should go see "Little Miss Sunshine." I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. That movie will make your day seem brighter. Peace, fuckers.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Okay, long story short we finally got internet at the new house in Decatur. Comcast sucks my fat sweaty taint, but I'll ignore that for now. The ATL's been treating me well. It's late so I'm just gonna post some pics of my first night at the new house. I was by myself so I decided to treat myself to some Jim Beam, Dr. K, and some classical guitar. It was pretty sweet. More soon.