Friday, July 28, 2006

Well, the time has finally arrived. Kyle Weekend's last weekend living in Athens is here. (insert emoticon here) I just want to give some props to all of the people who made my last Thursday living in Athens so fucking rad. Big ups to Ruta for taking me out to Cali 'n' Tito's for dinner, bringing beer and for being a sooper boss lady for the last ---- years. Big ups to Bunny and Mr. Delicious for the success (financially and hilariously) of their comedy troupe. Wish I could have seen more of it (or any of it. apparently it was tall people only night). Big ups to all the kids in Push! All I can say is HOLY FUCK! Seriously. You guys kicked ass. Where'd you learn to play them instruments like that? And thanks for the guest list action. It made me feel like I was walking in on a red carpet. Big ups to Mr. Jeremy "Cream of" Wheatley for having his birthday yesterday and agreeing to let me get him slammed on Saturday when I finish moving my shit. Big ups to that guy who sang Murray Head's "One Night in Bangkok" at Go Bar karaoke. That song rules! And the big ups award of the night goes to Matt and Rachel. Matt for letting me repeatedly buy his girlfriend Sparks just to see what would happen and for swinging on the church swings with us until 2:30 in the morning because we were both too fucking hyper to do anything else. Rachel for guzzling those Sparks like they were momma's sweet formula, for singing Human League's "Don't You Want Me" at karaoke with me, and for generally getting me to act like a retarded child who's been smacked upside the head with daddy's cowboy boots seven too many times. To everyone else, it's up to you to top that shit on Saturday 'cus I'm gonna be surly from moving all day and I'm gonna be ready for some shit kickin'! Also, I know it's been forever since I've posted here, and I've got shitloads of pics that I need to upload, so come next week, once we get internet at the new house, I'll be a-postin' away. Keep your eyes open peeps! 'Til then, enjoy this headline sent to me from Mr. Scott: "GOP needs to scrub off Abramoff taint."

Monday, July 03, 2006


July 4th, 3PM. The two sides of Kyle Weekend's dictatorial ancenstry battle it out for World Cup dominance. Come to the Purple House. Followed by wiffle ball and drunken revelry. Be there to celebrate the glory of world cup madness. Oh yeah, and American independence. And bring some beer.